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5 Reasons Ireland is the Perfect Summer Vacation Destination For Young Kids

Girl in a tree in Ireland

There seems to be a perfect synergy between flowers and children by the time spring comes around. While the natural world steadily starts to rejuvenate – the primroses blooming in bright yellow, the tulips flowering in vivid blues and pinks – our children’s imaginations similarly get a new lease of life. 

Gone are the winter days of being shut up in the house, unable to play outside without being stuffed into gloves, a woolly hat, and an oversized puffer jacket. Suddenly, the days are brighter, the weather is warmer, and there’s around six months of pent-up energy that just needs to be released. 

That makes life a little more hectic for parents in the summer, of course, which is why kid-friendly summer vacations are such a popular solution. Perfect for nourishing young kids’ imaginations, a summer vacation is a great way to let your children do something with their energy, have some fun, and experience brand-new corners of the world while they’re doing it. 

If you’ve already come to the same conclusion – and are hovering around the web looking for the right destination – we think we’ve got the perfect place. Every year, over 10.95 million tourists visit Ireland looking to experience its jaw-dropping spectacles and vibrant culture. Our holiday home in West Cork, specifically, is a gorgeous rental perfect for those with larger families, with plenty of things to get up to both in the property and around the local area.

If you’re still unsure, however, below are 5 key reasons why we think Ireland is the perfect summer vacation destination for young kids, hopefully helping you narrow down your options and make the best call possible – before your kids get too restless!

Rolling Hills, Relentless Adventure

We mentioned before that our children’s imagination comes alive in the summer. Complete with dramatic coastlines, gorgeous rolling hills and ancient monuments, Ireland is the perfect place to let that imagination breathe and get your kids wondering. 

Irish folklore, of course, is full of mythical creatures like the kelpie, the leprechaun, the pooka, and while you’re strolling through the vast, green landscapes, it’s easy to imagine them existing.

Perhaps there’s a pooka hiding on a particular grassy knoll, or maybe there’s a kelpie lingering in a rushing river. Whatever it is, Ireland gives your children a giant, mystical playground for them to explore, providing the perfect outlet to conjure up stories and let their imaginations soar.

A Chance for Something New

Kids love fun, wild activities that get the heart pumping, and Ireland isn’t exactly short of those. Because so much of the tourism is based outdoors – come rain or shine! – there are so many opportunities to keep your children active. 

To give you an example, near our holiday home in West Cork, you’d be staying near the quaint village of Baltimore, which is about a ten-minute drive away. While this might seem like a small village in a ‘quiet part of Ireland’, there are numerous local activities for your kids to sink their teeth into, including kayaking, sailing, swimming, and angling. 

If your kids have never tried some of these activities, this is a great opportunity to give them a new experience in a truly fantastical setting. 

Wildlife to Investigate

West Cork is also a hotspot for wildlife lovers. Specifically, water-based wildlife. While staying here, you will have the chance to go on dedicated whale-watching trips from March through to November, and sometimes in December and January, subject to conditions and demand.

It’s not often that you’ll get an opportunity to witness whales in the wild, and for your kids, the experience can’t be described as anything less than jaw-dropping. 

With everything from minke whales, fin whales, humpback whales, harbour porpoise and even dolphins coming inshore to feed – and other animals like elk, deer, eagles, ponies, and more to spot inland – Ireland is a great place to get your kids up close and personal with nature in a way they’ve never experienced before. 

Learning While Having Fun on Vacation to Ireland

If you mention the word ‘learn’ to a child before going on vacation, there’s likely to be a large resulting groan! But actually, Ireland has a fascinating history that’s fun for all ages to learn about. Across the country, there are approximately 30,000 castles and castle ruins, and with multiple tours that can take you through their – often bloody – history, there are plenty of entertainment stories for your kids to pick up and learn about. 

One of our favourite castles is the Baltimore Castle, which was built by the Normans over 800 years ago. Open daily between April and the end of October, you and your kids will have the opportunity to explore the castle’s great hall and battlements, learning about the most important events in the castle’s history – including its relations with pirates and its role after the Sack of Baltimore. 

Complete with gorgeous sea views and stern, ancient architecture, it’s hard for any kid not to look out from the battlements and feel like a knight waiting for an attack – and yes, any adult too!

Meeting New People

One of the biggest reasons Ireland is a perfect vacation destination for kids has to be the people. It’s been written about plenty of times before, but it's worth repeating because the Irish are truly some of the most considerate, fun, and friendly people to be around. 

When you’re visiting somewhere with children, you want the people to be willing to share their insights and make an experience – whether that’s whale watching from the harbour of Courtmacsherry, exploring the Baltimore Castle, or having a bite to eat in the Algiers Inn – as enjoyable as possible. The people here make sure to do just that, ensuring your kids are relaxed and feel confident enough to express themselves and let loose – although hopefully not too loose, watch out for those lemonades in the Algiers Inn! 

As a parent, all you want during a holiday is for your kids to have fun, be surrounded by lovely, accommodating people, and make some wonderful memories. And that’s exactly what Ireland is all about. 


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