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10 Reasons to Choose a Luxury Self-Catering Break in Ireland

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Perhaps you’re already toying with the idea of a self-catering break in Ireland, or perhaps the idea has only just come to you. Either way, we’re never short on reasons to push you from a ‘maybe’ to a ‘definitely.

Below, we run through some of our favourite reasons to pick luxury self catering in West Cork. It’s certainly non-exhaustive, but you’ll get the idea!

1. It’s the Best Way to Get in Touch with Your Roots

If you’ve chosen West Cork for your next break because you’ve traced your family history to the local area, then a self-catering break is the perfect way to feel a part of things. While a luxury hotel break is never unwelcome, there’s something deeply personal and memorable about ‘finding your own way’.

Whether you’re staying in on a blustery night to cook a traditional family dinner using ingredients harvested from West Cork’s own soil and purchased from the local markets, or venturing out to one of the many pubs whose regulars have inherited the West Cork way of life through countless generations, this is how you step outside of yourself and experience another side of life.

2. It’s Perfect for Big Celebrations

Birthday? Anniversary? Graduation? Engagement or marriage? Whatever reason you’ve got to pop the good champagne and indulge in some of the finer things in life, a self-catering break is the best way to make sure the good mood doesn’t have to ebb until you’re good and ready for bed.

Lay on a feast, draw every chair available up to Gortadrohid’s farmhouse table, and cheer the night away in anticipation of another beautiful morning breaking over Roaringwater Bay.

3. With Enough People, it Needn’t be Hard Work

We get it – self-catering means self-catering, and that can sound like the exact opposite of a vacation. But one of the great things about self-catering in a luxury holiday rental like Gortadrohid is the fact that, with more than one set of adults, you can all take it in turns to handle the washing, the cooking, and the cleaning up.

If everyone pitches in, then everyone gets plenty of time off.

4. You’ll Never Run Out of Things to do…

While West Cork is just a small slice of the Emerald Isle, it’s packed full of incredible experiences and sights to see. From the very young to the very old, there’s something for everyone, and we can confidently say that self-catering holidays in Ireland never leave vacationers at a loose end.

Whether you’re touring the coastline in the hopes of spotting whales, dolphins and basking sharks, taking a blustery walk on the cliffside to the sounds of the seals chattering amongst themselves on the rocks below, taking in the live music scene in Baltimore or Cork, or exploring one of the many historic castles dotted across West Cork’s countryside, there are no excuses for an empty scrapbook when you return home.

5. …But You’ll Never Need an Excuse to do Nothing

Hotels are lovely, but even a generously sized room can feel a little restrictive and isolated if all you want to do is kick back, break open a new book, and relax for a few hours. It doesn’t take long to feel more than a little cooped up.

When you’re self-catering, you’ve got a lot more space to spread yourselves out. Take a cool drink and a magazine into the garden, lounge on the grass, or curl up in front of a movie in the family room…or just stay in bed an extra hour without feeling chased away by housekeeping!

However much ‘nothing’ you feel like doing, self-catering is the way to go.

6. It’s the Best Way to Unite the Extended Family

Gortadrohid has played host to so many families, from great-grandparents all the way down to the new arrivals, it’s a house that has experienced a lot of good times, a lot of laughter, and a lot of rare opportunities to connect in all the best ways. Family board game nights, movie nights, cook-outs and barbeques, and epic games of hide-and-seek – whatever builds the best memories.

Living all together in a big house means having the space and opportunity to spend quality time together. It’s a very different vibe when you’re scattered through a hotel or guesthouse.

7. Experience the Place According to Your Own Itinerary

Free yourself from being tied into hotel mealtimes or menus that just can’t cater to fussy appetites. When you’re self-catering, you can stick to your usual routine – or stray from it – as much as you want, without any risk of missing out on breakfast or supper.

8. Ireland Has a Unique…Everything

Ireland’s history is unlike any other, and whether your family is a part of that history, or you just love the opportunity to explore remote and beautiful places, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with the place.

From the wildlife to the music, the food and drink to the landscape itself – made rugged by centuries of coastal weather, farming, and isolation – this country is a lot like a movie set that stretches on for miles and miles. You’ll never run out of things to do in West Cork.

9. It Can be More Competitively Priced

An extended hotel stay – particularly one where you require multiple rooms to house the extended family – can easily run-up a huge bill, particularly if you’re travelling during a busy season. With multiple households pitching in, self-catering can be a lot more economical than the alternatives, particularly if you’re not having to eat out at restaurants for every meal.

10. The Memories Are Unlike Anything Other

A house like Gortadrohid is designed to create memories that last a lifetime. Visitors often build a connection with these four walls, the creaks of a floorboard or the smell of the linen cupboard – the cosy feeling that sets in as the sun starts to sink below the windows, or the feeling of waking up to crisp sunlight as the house shields its inhabitants from a November morning chill.

Somewhere as unique as Gortadrohid proves unforgettable, particularly when you spend your time there with the people you love most. It’s the perfect place to reconnect.

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